Santorum in WA: Gay Marriage Signing "Not Last Word"



Rick Santorum said Monday that Washington state's approval of gay marriage is "not the final word," as the Republican presidential hopeful rallied opponents who are exploring a referendum to block the law.

Santorum's visit to the state capital came within an hour of Gov. Chris Gregoire signing the same-sex marriage bill into law. Before meeting with political leaders in the Legislative building, he held a private meeting with religious leaders at an Olympia church.

"I encouraged them to continue the fight," Santorum said. "There are ebbs and flows in every battle, and this is not the final word."

The former Pennsylvania senator said the law waters down marriage at a time when divorce rates are already up. He argued that there are societal consequences without strong traditional marriages, including more people going to prison, more dropouts from school, higher poverty rates and higher government spending.

... The former Pennsylvania senator is the first presidential candidate to hold a major public event in the state during the 2012 campaign. Arizona and Michigan are the next two states to hold nominating contests before Washington on March 3.