PoltickerNY: The Brooklyn GOP’s Strategy For a Storobin Victory


A glimpse inside the campaign:

With the Democratic dominance politics in the five boroughs, a decade in the City Council, the support of Brooklyn’s powerful Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club and ahuge fundraising advantage, conventional wisdom is that Lew Fidler is the “overwhelming favorite” against David Storobin in the special election to fill convicted former State Senator Carl Kruger’s seat in Brooklyn’s 27th District, but members of the Brooklyn GOP, who describe themselves as the “boots on the ground” in Mr. Storobin’s campaign think their man has a chance to win.

... “The dynamics of the community that the 27th District includes, you have the Orthodox Jews, a large Russian community. You have to think about these things,” Brooklyn Young Republicans Vice President Eugene Pevzner said. “You can’t just write that off.”

... [The Kings County Republicans] also expect [Storobin's] conservative positions on issues like gay marriage, business regulation and taxes to connect with Russian and orthodox Jewish voters.

“His values are the values of that community,” Mr. Gallo said. “That community is very conservative. Lew Fidler, on the other hand, he has some very liberal positions and, as that area gets to know Lew Fidler, they will be going to David Storobin in droves.” -- PolitickerNY

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