URGENT ALERT! Call your Delegate—SSM Vote Could Come Today


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Dear Maryland Marriage Supporter,

Time is of the essence, so I will be brief.

We need you to stop what you are doing, take 5 minutes, call your State Delegate in Annapolis now, and urge them to vote NO on the legislation to redefine marriage and legalize homosexual marriage in Maryland.

As I write, Delegates are debating Governor O'Malley's proposal to radically redefine marriage in the state. The vote is expected to happen later today, so we need you to call right now. Our team working the halls of the Capitol is telling us that the vote is neck-and-neck, and could go either way.

Bottom line, your call will very likely make the difference in whether the Divinely-inspired, time-honored definition of marriage stands or falls in Maryland.

It's that simple.

Go to the website of our local partner, the Maryland Marriage Alliance, and click on the take action button. Input your address and it will supply you with the contact info for your delegates.

Please make those calls and send those emails!

Take Action Now

It is crucial that we win over some swing delegates, because if the vote is close, we know our opponents will stop at nothing to steal victory. In their zeal to win at all costs, they will let nothing stand in their way. Not common sense, not millennia of human history, and certainly not their own legislative rules.

Earlier this week, they threw aside tradition that legislation related to marriage be heard only in the Judiciary Committee, and had the bill heard jointly in the Health and Government Operations Committee instead. You'll probably not be surprised to know that the HGO committee is stacked with gay marriage supporters.

With them stretching the rules and stopping at nothing, don't be surprised for more shenanigans tonight and tomorrow.

Finally, before I let you go to make those calls, I have to thank the leadership of the Maryland Marriage Alliance, the Maryland Catholic Conference, and dozens of African-American and Hispanic Pastors who have led this fight on behalf of marriage. Defying all pressure from the so-called leaders in Annapolis, these men of faith have stood up for conviction and defended Biblical truths about the nature of marriage.

Don't let these leaders and allies fight alone. Please provide them support by praying for them and providing them with backing by dialing your delegates tonight. Rise up with one powerful voice to make sure they hear in the halls in the Capitol that Maryland supports Marriage!

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