URGENT ALERT: Sustain the Veto! Contact your legislators today!


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The battle for marriage in New Jersey is far from over . . . this just might be its most critical hour.

Please take a moment to call or email your state senator and assemblyman today.

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Yesterday afternoon, just hours after the same-sex marriage bill reached his desk, Governor Christie made good on his promise to return the bill to the legislature "with a big red veto." Democratic leaders in the Senate and Assembly—who made same-sex marriage their #1 priority this year—are now scrambling to come up with the 2/3 majority needed to override Governor Christie's veto.

And it's up to us to make sure that they don't succeed in pressuring, cajoling or arm-twisting enough politicians to override Governor Christie's veto.

Initial votes in both the Assembly and the Senate fell well short of the 2/3 majority needed to override a veto, but it is important to send a message to your legislators today—and to keep the pressure up in coming months.

The legislative session continues through the end of 2013, giving gay marriage activists nearly two years to find 3 more votes in the Senate and 12 more votes in the Assembly needed to override the veto.

So please don't let up now. Take a moment to call or email your elected officials in Trenton today.

Same-sex marriage advocates aren't giving up—far from it, they are stepping up their efforts, and we must do the same. Please make your voice heard today—and then forward this email to three friends who would join you in making sure that Governor Christie's veto is sustained, and marriage is preserved in New Jersey.

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