Republican “Pledge to America” Includes Commitment to Traditional Marriage


Once again, you have helped us achieve a great victory for marriage – this time an important battle with some Republican elites in Washington who wanted to distance the GOP from their historic strong position that marriage is and can only be between one man and one woman.

As we reported to you a few weeks back, some liberal RINOs and their staffs, had urged keeping social issues, including marriage, out of the Republican “Pledge to America.” We knew this was a mistake – it was wrong as a matter of public policy, and it was wrong politically. Support for marriage is a winning issue for any candidate, as has been proven time and time again in elections across America.

NOM joined with other pro-family groups and asked you to speak your mind to the Republican Leadership in the House of Representatives – and boy did you! So many emails were received that reportedly an email server crashed!

But here’s the good news: the “Pledge to America”” released today includes a strong commitment to traditional marriage as a core, foundational value of American society. It also includes a condemnation of activist judges, like San Francisco federal judge Vaughn Walker, who have taken it upon themselves to attempt to redefine American values to suit their own view of how our country to should operate.  Here are excerpts from the document

“An unchecked executive, a compliant legislature, and an overreaching judiciary have combined to thwart the will of the people and overturn their votes and their values, striking down long-standing laws and institutions and scorning the deepest beliefs of the American people.”


“We pledge to honor families, traditional marriage, life, and the private and faith-based organizations that form the core of our American values.”

Please take a moment to write to House Republican Leader John Boehner to thank him for including marriage in the “Pledge to America.”


Brian S. Brown

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