Young Democrats Endorse Gay Marriage Plank in 2012


More pressure for Democrats to "come out" for gay marriage? From a Young Democrats of America press release:

Today, Young Democrats of America’s Executive Director Emily Tisch Sussman ... [endorsed] language proposed by Freedom to Marry as part of its Democrats: Say I Do campaign calling on the national party to include a freedom to marry plank in the national Democratic party’s 2012 platform.

"As the Executive Director of Young Democrats of America, I represent young people, and the way we connect young people back to Democratic politics is by speaking out for what is right and taking action,” said Sussman. “Polling shows that 70 percent of voters 18-34 support the freedom to marry, and for many of our members, it’s a cause that goes to the core of why they consider themselves Democrats. It is time to realize that marriage is no longer an effective wedge issue; it is a cause that we as Democrats should be leading on.”