Brian Brown Outlines NOM's New Hampshire Victory Strategy


In the New Hampshire Union Leader:

...NOM President Brian Brown said New Hampshire is in the spotlight.

“I think the Legislature has a chance to right the tremendous wrong of forcing this thing through a few years ago,” Brown said.

Asked what the $250,000 will be used for, Brown said: “We'll expose those candidates who decided to undermine marriage.”

Plans include running independent TV ads as well as donating directly to legislators' campaigns this year.

“There are limits on what we can do with direct contributions, whereas with independent expenditures or issue ads, we can spend unlimited funds,” Brown said.

In 2010, NOM spent more than $1 million, including running ads critical of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Binnie.

NOM expects to spend about $15 million nationally this year, backed by donations from 60,000 supporters.

“We're a national group, but we've got thousands of supporters in New Hampshire, and we work hand in hand in New Hampshire,” Brown said.