Fire Mark Grisanti!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Remember this past June when the four turncoat Republicans in the New York Senate betrayed you and traded their votes and integrity to redefine marriage?

Senator Mark Grisanti was the ring leader, and perhaps the most despicable of an utterly deplorable bunch.

You see, Grisanti ran for the State Senate as a supporter of traditional marriage and even went so far as to call me personally to solicit a campaign contribution from NOM. Because we received personal assurances from him, NOM gave Grisanti $4,000 and he was elected.

You can imagine our shock when Grisanti jumped ship and threw in with Andrew Cuomo, Michael Bloomberg and gay marriage activists from Hollywood. We rallied over ten thousand supporters to express their outrage. We compared him to Benedict Arnold in mailers sent throughout his district. When Grisanti showed up at a glitzy Manhattan club with his cronies to collect hundreds of thousands in campaign cash, we ran online ads showing them at their "money dance." And after NOM helped defeat David Weprin, another legislator who voted to redefine marriage, in his bid for Congress, we ran billboards in Grisanti's district letting him know, "You're Next."

Today you can help us launch our journey to drive Mark Grisanti from public office.

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NOM NY PAC has endorsed Democrat Chuck Swanick in his bid to unseat Grisanti. Moreover, we've started with a $5,000 contribution to his campaign—but want to do more. NOM-NY PAC joins the Conservative Party in endorsing Democrat Swanick, former Chairman of the Erie County Legislature and who has a strong track record of supporting marriage in a district that is expected to be heavily Democratic.

But we have to do much more than issue press releases and contribute $5,000 to defeat Mark Grisanti. We need to mobilize thousands of our supporters throughout New York to join us. Will you join us and make a contribution to defeat Grisanti?

Mark Grisanti is sitting on a pile of campaign cash showered on him by billionaire gay marriage activists from across the country. The Buffalo News reported in January that his most recent filing to the state Board of Elections showed almost NONE of his $247,000 raised came from within his own district! We MUST show him that selling out for campaign money is a career ending move for anyone—but especially a Republican who claims to support traditional marriage.

Please act today to send a message to Mark Grisanti—betrayal will not be rewarded. We need your help today.

Please donate.

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