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Dear Marriage Supporter,

In just 10 weeks, North Carolina voters will be going to the polls to vote on marriage.
Gay marriage activists are pouring money into the state, organizing events, phone banking, and blanketing the state with misleading claims about the Marriage Protection Amendment.

The truth is simple: The Marriage Protection Amendment protects marriage as we have always known it—the union of one man and one woman.

It will simply reinforce the law of North Carolina as it has always been, protecting marriage from out-of-control judges. But if voters only hear one side of the argument—and their bogus claims that the Marriage Protection Amendment will hurt business in the state—they just might believe it.

And that's why I need your help today!

Please click here to make a generous gift of whatever you can afford
to protect marriage in North Carolina.
Whether it's $5,000 or $50, your gift is important
as we all come together to stand up for God's truth about marriage.

Donate now

Quite frankly, you will not have a better chance this year to make a difference for marriage in your home state. And every dollar you give today will be matched by NOM's matching gift to Vote for Marriage NC.

Most people aren't even aware how imminent the threat to marriage is in North Carolina. Just last fall, three same-sex couples applied for marriage licenses, laying the groundwork for a legal challenge to North Carolina's marriage law. And in December 2011, a lawsuit was levied demanding that the definition of marriage be permanently changed for everyone to suit the preferences of one same-sex couple!

Marriage Supporter, we need you now more than ever.

If we can get the word out, I am confident we will win at the ballot, but we MUST have the resources to counter the campaign of misinformation and lies the other side will launch, backed by money from Hollywood elites and gay billionaires.

Your donation will help fund an aggressive television advertising campaign and other activities that will allow us to educate voters and spread the word about the critical need for this amendment and the serious negative consequences that will result if it fails.

We need your help right away, so please click here to make a generous gift to Vote for Marriage NC.

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