ADF's Stanley: "Churches Must Lead the Charge" to Protect Marriage!


Erik Stanley, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund writes in the Biblical Recorder: is not enough to simply acknowledge that churches are legally allowed to support the marriage amendment. Every church in North Carolina should stand to support the amendment, and every pastor should encourage his congregants to vote to protect marriage on May 8.

Churches must lead the charge on this issue as they led the charge in the past on the great moral issues of history such as independence, slavery, women’s suffrage, ending child labor, and civil rights.

Churches and pastors have always been at the forefront of the great moral issues confronting our culture. They have never been afraid to stand for righteousness and to urge morality in culture. And today should be no different.

Churches in North Carolina have a tremendous opportunity to lead the charge to protect marriage. Churches in other states have not been as fortunate. There is nothing legally preventing churches and pastors from standing together to support and protect marriage in North Carolina.

The only question is, will you?