Brian Brown Responds to New Talking Points for SSM: "Our Messaging Hasn't Changed Because It's Based on Truth and Reality"


The Los Angeles Times notes that gay marriage activists have been forced to significantly revise the script they use to argue for redefining marriage:

The message "used to be one that focused on rights, parity in benefits," said Fred Sainz, vice president of communications and marketing for the Human Rights Campaign, a national gay rights group based inWashington, D.C.

Since about 2008, Sainz said, same-sex marriage activists have begun "talking about love, honor and commitment."

The emphasis on family and love was prompted, in part, by two dispiriting defeats for same-sex marriage advocates at the ballot box.

Our President Brian Brown, meanwhile, explains why NOM has never had to change its message:

"Our messaging hasn't changed because it's based on truth and reality," said Brian S. Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage. "It's not that complicated. You don't need sophisticated talking points to present a common-sense truth."