David vs. The Establishment


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

If you've been reading the newspapers or watching the evening news, you already know what we're up against:

  • President Obama

  • HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius

  • Governor Perdue

  • Lt. Governor Dalton

  • Senator Hagan

  • Representatives Renee Ellmers, David Price and Brad Miller

Even the NAACP and 75 corporate CEOs—and they're all urging North Carolinians to vote against marriage on May 8th. Couple that with the mountains of cash from out-of-state radicals and the expected advertising blitz coming from opponents of the Marriage Protection Amendment, and we have our work cut out for us.

Sometimes it feels like David vs. Goliath.

Political leaders, business leaders, and even a few religious leaders have all rejected God's truth about marriage. But at the end of the day, it's not about a handful of giants and their assault on marriage. It's about ordinary citizens like you and me, and what we know to be true.

In two months, when voters go to the polls, every person gets one vote. We can lose only if we fail to step up to the challenge and engage the battle. Victory is within reach, but we can't sit back and expect others to win the battle for us.

Will you stand up against Goliath today?

Donate now

Even as David rejected the traditional trappings of war, he did not go to battle against Goliath empty-handed. He still took 5 smooth stones and a sling.

Marriage Supporter, your gift today is a "smooth stone" that will help to ensure we have the resources to win this battle, with God's help. We don't have to match our opponents dollar for dollar—but we can't win empty-handed, either.

Please make your most generous gift of $50, $100 or even $1000 or more today. Every dollar counts—and more importantly, it's your support that will help make the difference in these final two months.

We have just two more days to reach our goal of raising $100,000 for marriage in North Carolina. And every dollar raised for the Vote for Marriage NC campaign before midnight tomorrow will be matched dollar for dollar with a gift from NOM's general funds.

Have you answered the call? Please do whatever you can right now.

Then tell a friend about this important fight to defend the truth about marriage.

With God's help, we know who wins in the end!

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