NY-9 Victor Bob Turner to Challenge Pro-SSM Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand


Bob Turner, who defeated pro-SSM David Weprin in a massive upset earlier this year (with NOM's help!) is planning to challenge New York Senator (and fierce same-sex marriage activist) Kirsten Gillibrand, as Politico reports:

I've heard from two sources in GOP circles in New York that Bob Turner, the congressman who captured former Rep. Anthony Weiner's seat in NY-9 in the post-scandal special election, has been calling around this morning telling people he plans to challenge Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand this year.

... There are already three other Republicans looking at challening Gillibrand, whose seat remains one the GOP harbors hopes of capturing. One of them is Wendy Long, a New York City-based judicial activist who has gotten an important boost - warm words from Mike Long, the chairman of the state Conservative Party (and no relation), whose backing is critical for a statewide Republican.

But Turner, who has at least some ability to self-fund, would also head into the race with high name recognition after the nationally-watched special election against David Weprin.

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