British Official Admits Fix is in on Same-Sex Marriage, Accuses Opponents of "Homophobia"


The UK Daily Mail asks "Where's the demand for gay marriage?":

Although the Government billed its plans for gay marriage as a ‘consultation document’, Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone left no doubt yesterday that the legislation is already a done deal.

‘The essential question is not whether we are going to introduce same-sex civil marriage, but how’, she said, adding that anyone who disagreed could be ‘fanning the flames of homophobia’.

The Prime Minister and Home Secretary are enthusiastic supporters of the plan, quite happy to trample over the vehement opposition of the mainstream churches and many grass-roots Conservatives.

...A new distinction is being made between ‘civil’ and ‘religious’ marriage, the words husband and wife are to be removed from official forms – possibly even marriage certificates – and activists already want gay weddings to be held in church.