Quad City Times: Rally for Marriage Amendment Slated at Capitol


The Quad City Times:

Proponents of traditional marriage say they plan to keep the political heat on state lawmakers even though the chances of forcing action on a constitutional amendment to let voters decide whether marriage should be defined as only between one man and one woman is not likely this session.

Officials with the Family Leader, and the National Organization for Marriage announced plans to host a “Let Us Vote” Marriage Rally in the state Capitol’s rotunda Tuesday aimed at keep attention on an issue that has festered at the Statehouse since the Iowa Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision in April 2009 declaring a state marriage law as unconstitutional. That paved the way for same-sex marriages to take place in Iowa for nearly three years now.

Organizers say the purpose of Tuesday’s rally is to demonstrate to state senators that marriage is important to Iowans and that Iowans want to exercise their constitutional right to vote on the definition of marriage via the Iowa marriage amendment, which would indicate the only recognized form of marriage in the state would be between one man and one woman.

The marriage amendment to the state Constitution passed the Republican-led House during the 2011 legislative session, but it stalled in the Iowa Senate, where Democrats hold a 26-24 majority. To amend the Constitution, a resolution must pass the House and Senate in exactly the same language in two consecutive General Assemblies before the ballot issue could come before voters.

Learn more about attending the rally right here.