Marriage Activist: New Hampshire Legislature Should Learn From History


Karen Grube, an early supporter of Prop 8, with a message to the New Hampshire legislature:

In considering House Bill 437, the bill to repeal the gay marriage law passed in 2009, every member of the New Hampshire legislature needs to be reminded of why the voters elected veto-proof Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate in 2010. One obvious reason was the underhanded manner in which Democrat Senate President Sylvia Larsen violated Senate rules in order to pass the bill allowing same-sex marriage.

... Another reason they did that was to send a clear message to Governor Lynch that the voters didn’t like his deceiving them on his stand on same-sex marriage. He campaigned on his support for traditional marriage and then betrayed them by signing the same-sex marriage legislation into law. In 2010, the voters decided they didn’t want to chance his doing anything like that again.

... I would remind Representative Cohn and every member of the General Court that the only poll that counts is the one at the ballot box. When their voices were so outrageously silenced on this issue by the previous legislature and the Governor, the voters spoke as clearly as they possibly could in 2010. This time they chose to elect Republicans to the House and Senate who they believed would actually listen to them and restore the legal definition of marriage as quickly as possible to what it was prior to being redefined. Keeping that in mind, Republicans should not only vote to pass HB 437, but work together to pass it by the two-thirds majority necessary should the Governor be so arrogant as to veto it. -- Ruth Institute Blog