RNC Committeewoman: "Restore Traditional Marriage; Strengthen New Hampshire Families"


Phyllis Woods, Republican National Commiteewoman for New Hampshire (Dover) writes in Foster's Daily Democrat:

In 2009, however, the Democratic-controlled legislature followed well-funded social activists from New York and Washington, D.C. down the rabbit hole of a radical agenda aimed at making gay marriage the law of the land in as many states as possible.

Despite an economic crisis that crippled New Hampshire like no other since the Great Depression, these social activists successfully persuaded lawmakers to take up a gay marriage law for which there was little appetite — outside a small cadre of liberal democrats — before even bothering to pass a state budget.

Three years later, the same gay marriage lobby that ignored the state's economic needs to enact a gay marriage law it bought and paid for is now using the economy as an excuse to protect it.

... These outside social activists, and wealthy activist donors prompted democrats to fast track gay marriage in the House and Senate when their party took control of the legislature.

In response, a host of bright, strong conservatives campaigned in 2010 for the office of State Representative on a promise to respect the true will of the people by fighting to restore traditional marriage. Now is the time for New Hampshire voters to support these courageous representatives, who are doing exactly as they promised.

It is time for conservatives to undo the damage caused by a radical wing of liberal social activists, and by lawmakers who put activist gay marriage donors before the people they serve.

Republicans in the legislature have one, last opportunity to stand up for the people of New Hampshire against the powerful gay marriage lobby. They must not let down the families of New Hampshire.