Senior Jew and Sikh Join UK Fight Against Gay Marriage


The UK Telegraph:

A Sikh peer and a senior rabbi added their voices to protests by Anglican and Catholic bishops against the Coalition’s plans to allow homosexuals to marry.

Lord Singh, head of the Network of Sikh Organisations, and Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet, who advises the Chief Rabbi on family issues, accused the Coalition of launching an “assault” on religious values.

Their intervention came as Reg Bailey, David Cameron’s adviser on family issues, said the reforms risk leading to polygamy and even marriage between siblings.

Lord Singh said the plans would “dilute” the definition of marriage in religious scriptures. He told The Sunday Telegraph he would vote against the legislation in the Lords.

He said: “It’s being changed and for no real gain because the law rightly gives every respect to a civil partnership. It is more of a sideways assault on religion, that 'we can dilute your beliefs and values’, and I find that concerning.”