Video: Kalley Yanta Answers the Question "What About Infertile Couples?"


In the latest Minnesota Marriage Minute, Kalley Yanta answers the question posted by gay marriage activists: "If marriage is really about procreation, then why do we allow infertile couples, senior citizens and others who cannot conceive enter into marriage, but not same-sex couples?

She answers, in part: "Procreation can only occur through the complete bodily union of a man and a woman... the aspect of the sex-union that makes the couple's relationship suitable to marriage is it's potential for procreation. It does not matter then if spouses do not intend to have children or even if factors such as infertility might prevent conception from occurring. Of course plenty of children have been born to couples who thought they were infertile."

She continues: "Promoting a vibrant and flourishing marriage culture is clearly in the [interest of] the common good. Marriage between men and women is a distinctive and irreplaceable way that humanity can flourish. Because of that, the strength (or weakness) of marriage as a social institution profoundly affects the well-being of everyone in society."