Pro-Marriage Challenger Upsets Pro-SSM Democrat in NY Assembly Race Overlapping Sen. Grisanti's District


The Buffalo News on a surprise victory last night of a pro-marriage independent Democrat who took on a pro-SSM establishment Democrat and won!

Michael P. Kearns, a Democrat running on the Republican line, scored a stunning upset of landslide proportions over endorsed Democrat Christopher J. Fahey in a Tuesday special election for the 145th Assembly District.

The Common Council member from the South District rode his name recognition in South Buffalo to an overwhelming victory, scoring a 57 percent to 43 percent win -- 7,106 for Kearns and 5,357 for Fahey -- with all the votes counted.

...It also represents a win -- of sorts -- for Erie County Republican Chairman Nicholas A. Langworthy, who supported Democrat Kearns in the face of some criticism from party purists.

...[Langworthy] added he feels confident that the new assemblyman is philosophically in sync with Republicans, especially in the "clear contrast" Kearns demonstrated on issues like his opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.