Huge Marriage Victory?! Storobin Still Leads After Recount!


The Brooklyn Daily:

Republican rookie David Storobin is clinging to a 143-vote lead over Councilman Lew Fidler (D–Marine Park) in the hard-fought race to replace disgraced former state Sen. Carl Kruger, according to the results of a recount on Wednesday.

Storobin’s razor-thin lead grew by 23 votes after poll workers recounted machine ballots from Tuesday night’s too-close-to-call special election for the vacant Senate seat.

The Russian-born lawyer emerged with 10,505 votes, while Fidler wound up with 10,362.

Final results will be determined by more than 700 emergency and absentee ballots that will be counted next week. The city Board of Elections is expected to announce a winner by the first week in April, several sources said.

... Storobin’s camp scoffed at the claim [that Fidler would win after the absentees are counted].

“They had a huge voter registration advantage in the district and they lost,” said Storobin spokesman David Simpson. “Why would they have a magical come-from-behind victory with absentee ballots? It’s utter nonsense.”