Proponent of Finnish SSM Admits Marriage Should Simply Become a "Couple Relationship"


Ruth Institute President Dr. Morse often says that gay marriage reduces marriage to a "government registry of friendships" and this Star Observer coverage of a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage in Finland makes it clear that redefining marriage would, in the minds of SSM proponents, reduce marriage to simply a "government registry of relationships":

"...Considered one of the most conservative Nordic nations, there is already a relationship register in [Finland] for same-sex couples, which has been in place since 2002.

... European Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister Alexander Stubb, the first signatory of the initiative, spoke passionately for the amendment during debate.

“This initiative [to legalize SSM] is aimed at dismantling a system that causes inequality, in which couple relationships are divided into A and B categories” he said.

Really? There is no difference in category whatsoever between heterosexual couples that can create new life through each other and homosexual couples that must always rely upon a third-party to become parents?

And the only thing that marriage does to distinguish the union of husband and wife from every other union is simply to put a label (A or B) on it?

Frankly, if the no difference between relationship A (opposite-sex couples) and relationship B (same-sex couples) why should there be a difference between relationship A (two sexual partners) and relationship B (three sexual partners)? What's so special about couples?