GraniteGrok: "Standing Up for New Hampshire Families a Faux Group"


New Hampshire conservative politics blog Granite Grok:

Standing Up For New Hampshire Families was, and is, a faux group funded from outside the state, run by a lobbyist. Measuring it’s effectiveness is merely a measure of the hypocrisy of Democrats who deride outside influence and the ignorance of Republicans who are too lazy to see where the message is coming from. The guy running it is Tyler Deaton. Tyler, like Mo Baxley before him, is propped up by national, out of state money, running their national, out of state agenda. It is neither local, nor grassroots, nor the pulse of public opinion unless the power of a nationally funded propaganda campaign counts.

The New Hampshire Republicans for Equality PAC (nHrFe), the latest, “popped up out of nowhere” web presence to splash ads across your facebook pages and web sites of New Hampshire, has something in common with Standing Up. Tyler Deaton is the front man for both (nHrFe, SUFNHF) and is even listed as the “Treasurer” of the nHrFe PAC.

Same hired gun. Same agenda. And probably the same out of state money. Not really New Hampshire. Not really Republicans. Not that surprising.