Coalition of African American Pastors Launch Nationwide Campaign Seeking 100K Signatures for Marriage


From a joint press release by the Coalition for African American Pastors and Education For All:

The Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) and Education for All consist of pastors, leaders, and organizations whose mission is to protect and promote life, the sanctity of marriage, and to advocate for K - 12 students, especially those living in urban areas.

Our group of distinguished leaders from across America is launching a campaign today to garner 100,000 signatories supporting marriage between one man and one woman. This one hundred day campaign will be highlighted at the leadership summit and the news conference at The Heritage Foundation in May.

Bishop George D. McKinney, Bishop Felton Smith and Rev. William Owens will lead in ensuring the 100,000 names for the marriage campaign around the nation. They plan to travel to various cities around the country to gather signatures, but the thrust of the campaign will begin in North Carolina where there is a marriage vote slated for May 8, 2012.

Rev. Owens stated that the civil rights he marched and fought for in the late 50s and early 60s is being seized by the radicals who want to take advantage of a long and hard fight for civil rights and use it for their own agenda on same-sex marriage.

These leaders agree that they will not sit back and let the rights they fought so hard for be distorted and used by the homosexual community to further their agenda. "We will host a news conference to let the Washington politicians know that we want them to protect the family," exclaimed Rev. Owens

For more information on how to support this effort, please contact [email protected].