Senator Ruben Diaz Defends NOM!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

The New York Times has unleashed an amazing reaction with its editorial attacking NOM this week. I keep hearing from African American and Hispanic leaders who want to stand publicly with NOM and our coalition of marriage supporters from all walks of life.

We need you to stand with us, too!
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As we remember Good Friday and celebrate Easter, I wanted to pass along this message from the amazing Reverend Senator Rubén Díaz, released to the press and posted on his official New York Senate website Wednesday. I had the chance to spend an hour with Senator Díaz earlier this week, and he told me he has also submitted a letter to the editor of The New York Times. (We'll see if they have the courage to publish that letter!)

We Are United!

You should know that like many Black and Hispanic members of the clergy in New York and throughout the United States, I am exceptionally grateful for the National Organization for Marriage, and for NOM's President, Brian Brown.

I write this as a Democrat, as a State Senator and as the President of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization, which represents tens of thousands of Hispanic and Black Christians.

On behalf of all those churches, I am here to say: I have worked closely with the National Organization for Marriage and I have marched with NOM's President Brian Brown to defend our civil right to be heard in the debate over the meaning of marriage.

Brian Brown and NOM have done something that no one has been able to do before: they have helped Black and Hispanic people throughout the nation to find our voice when everyone else rejected us and excluded us from the debate.

You should know that NOM has not divided us, it has brought us unity; NOM has given a voice to the voiceless on the marriage issue, and shown us respect for our core, and sacred values on marriage—a respect the mainstream media has consistently denied us.

No New York Times editorial, nor anyone else will be able to sow seeds of dissension between us and NOM in this great effort to protect marriage.

You should know that we will continue to our work with Brian Brown and NOM, and we will continue to praise the Lord for the courageous people He has led into our lives.

I am Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.

We are united...and neither the New York Times nor anyone else can divide us. What a powerful message to the elites trying to project their own racial tensions that became so evident in the wake of California's Prop 8 campaign.

Over the next several days, I have several more messages I look forward to sharing with you from prominent African American and Hispanic voices.

But today, I am simply asking you: Will you stand with Reverend Diaz and our Hispanic brothers and sisters in New York by making a sacrificial gift of $50, $100, or even $1000 or more if you are able?

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