Seattle Times: 1,500 Washington Churches Requesting R-74 Petitions to Protect Marriage!


The Seattle Times on the growing effort to get marriage on the ballot in Washington this November:

"...In the three weeks or so Referendum 74 has been in circulation, [Joseph] Backholm said the campaign has received requests from 1,500 churches across the state, exhausted the first 50,000 petitions and filled orders for thousands more.

"We've got history on this issue ... it's not totally new," Backholm said. "People are a lot more engaged, and we have a lot more people involved than in 2009. It's reasonable to think we can get this done with a really organized, well-run effort."

The campaign, backed by the National Organization for Marriage, does not have paid signature gatherers — though Backholm said he's not opposed to the idea.

"We'll do what it takes — legally and ethically — to get on the ballot," he said.

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