Please...We Cannot Let Them Get Away With It...


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Will you please make one URGENT gift right now to help protect marriage?

When the New York Times and other media outlets ran with a ridiculous narrative about NOM being racially divisive and politically poisonous, I have to admit, I was angry—but not surprised.

After all, in the middle of this artificially created media flurry, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and their allies at the Huffington Post published stolen IRS documents from NOM that are protected by federal laws.

This is what we're up against...every single day. I don't know if there is a limit to how low radical same-sex marriage activists will go to get what they want—no matter what you and I think.

Our coalition of Americans from every walk of life, regardless of race or religion has won tremendous victories for marriage. And with 2012 being such a critical year, our opponents are desperate to divide us.

We must stand up and fight back...we must make our voices heard...we must make sure the lies of radical same-sex marriage activists don't become commonly accepted "truth" because nobody is working to expose their lies.

And that's exactly why I launched this campaign to raise $200,000 by April 17.

Won't you please make an IMMEDIATE gift of $1,000, $500, $100 or even $50
to help protect marriage—knowing that your donation will be matched by another
to double its impact?

Donate now

My friend, we NEED to take full advantage of our generous donor's offer to match every gift, dollar-for-dollar up to $200,000.

If we can raise the full $200,000, we will have the funds we need to fight back and ensure your voice is heard...your beliefs are defended.

Thank you.

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