Sen. Alesi Complains That Primary Challenge Will Wipe Out His Pro-SSM War Chest


Sen. Jim Alesi is now complaining that the money he took from pro-same sex marriage hedge fund millionaires won't be enough to save him from a challenge within his own party:

State Sen. James Alesi is one beneficiary of hedge-fund money. The Rochester Republican took in about $150,000 from people in the industry, Common Cause said. Much came from a group that supported senators like Mr. Alesi who backed same-sex marriage against the wishes of his party. He is now facing a well-funded primary challenge.

"If there's some kind of an insinuation that money guided the vote, I can tell you that we're never going to match funding that National Organization for Marriage will spend," Mr. Alesi said, referring to an anti-same-sex marriage group. "Most of us will be wiped out financially after Republican primaries." -- Wall Street Journal

This is quite a different tune from when he told local press last year that he was running for reelection to prove "you can vote for [same-sex marriage] as a Republican and you can survive." Maybe he should have listened to us and others who told him that all the money in the world won't save him from the fate that awaits politicians who betray their constituents on marriage.