FoxNews: NOM Accuses IRS of Leaking Romney Donor Details


FoxNews adds to the growing number of media outlets demanding answers:

"...The National Organization for Marriage is on the warpath over the alleged breach. It has called for an IRS investigation and fired off a warning letter to the Human Rights Campaign, the pro-gay marriage group that first published the documents before taking them down.

...the gay marriage debate aside, National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown said the leak was illegal.

"This is not something you'd expect to happen in the U.S.," he told, noting that dozens of other donor names were on the leaked document. "The issue is this is a private tax document."

Brown has called for an investigation by the Inspector General for Tax Administration. His group, after analyzing the leaked documents, claimed the original versions have "official use" and other stamps on them indicating they were internal documents. Brown says that means somebody in the IRS leaked them, or somebody hacked into the IRS system to obtain them.

"This is a potential criminal investigation," he said, claiming the IRS has contacted the group and is "taking this seriously."