North Carolina Marriage Amendment Supporters Blame Opponents for Extensive Sign Vandalism


The News Observer:

Supporters of the proposed constitutional marriage amendment say that more than $10,000 worth of their billboards and yard signs have been destroyed in the past few weeks. And, in a fundraising email sent out Tuesday, they blame it on their opponents.

... Rachel Lee, a spokeswoman for Vote for Marriage N.C., says most of the vandalism occurred in Buncombe County, but there have been reports of damage across the state. She said the incident has been reported to Buncombe County law enforcement.

Here’s their email:

“Even though our opponents are attempting to discourage the preservation of marriage in North Carolina, their actions are actually doing the opposite. Despite their malicious intentions, they are actually encouraging supporters like you to rally around us.

“Restitution is needed to overcome this damage. You can help push us forward. Today, we are launching a money bomb to raise $10,000 so that we can spread our message of truth across North Carolina!”