Bishops of Mexico: Family Founded on Marriage Between Man and Woman is 'Pillar of Society'


EWTN News:

In a recent statement, the bishops of Mexico called the family, built upon the unity of man and woman, necessary for society to exist.

“The family, founded upon marriage, is a patrimony of humanity, an essential social institution,” the bishops said. “It is the vital cell and pillar of society. This affects both believers and non-believers. It is a reality to which all governments must give their full attention.”

The statement was read during a press conference attended by Bishop Juan Pedro Juarez Melendez of Tula, Coadjutor Bishop Jorge Carlos Patron Wong of Papantla and Auxiliary Bishop Victor Rene Rodriguez Gomez of Texcoco and secretary general of the bishops’ conference.

... In today’s culture, they added, “Love is reduced to an emotional feeling and the satisfaction of instinctive drives, with no effort to build lasting bonds of mutual belonging.”

The bishops recalled the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI, who has urged families to resist attempts to redefine the traditional family, “in which all of us have lived.”

... Committing to another person “is not something to be feared,” noting that fatherhood and motherhood is “a gift of God.”