Sen. Alesi Still Promoting SSM Outside New York State


As much as Sen. Alesi is now complaining about how much money he will have to spend defending himself against a primary challenge from within his own party after he betrayed his constituents and voted for gay marriage, he is still attempting to earn accolades for that vote outside of his state. Talk about a marriage of convenience:

Country music star Chely Wright discusses gay marriage in a special New York City edition of the Pennsylvania Cable Network’s “In Session.” This half hour program, produced by Widener’s Law & Government Institute, will air statewide on Sunday, April 22 and 29 at 6:00 p.m.

Wright, a lesbian, married her partner last year in Connecticut; a state which legally recognized such a marital partnership in 2008.

Republican New York state Senator Jim Alesi (R- NY) will join Wright on the PCN program. He was the first Republican to support the legislation which passed last June in the Republican-majority Senate of New York state. -- PCN TV