Remembering the Legacy of Chuck Colson (1931-2012)


This weekend our longtime friend Chuck Colson passed away. NOM co-founder Prof. Robert George and Prof. Timothy George write their farewells over at The Manhattan Declaration (which Mr. Colson co-launched):

...Chuck lived the principles of the Manhattan Declaration long before it was drafted. When humbled by his own failings, Chuck was born again in Christ in 1973. Only three years later, he founded Prison Fellowship, a ministry that for more than three decades has fulfilled Christ’s command to remember the incarcerated and share the transforming love of Jesus with them and their families. “I could never, ever have left prison and accomplished what has been accomplished but for God doing it through me,” Chuck said.

In 1991 Chuck began broadcasting BreakPoint Radio, educating Christians to understand their faith as both personal trust and public witness, including the support of life, marriage and religious freedom. So he called upon all who have faith in the Lord, and indeed on all men and women of good will, to support the sanctity of life, the culture of marriage, religious freedom and the rights of conscience.

And in 2009 the Manhattan Declaration was born in the heart of Chuck Colson. You are among the now more than 525,000 persons who have committed themselves to this statement of conscience. Chuck regarded the Manhattan Declaration as a vital act of Christian obedience at this moment in history when foundational principles of our faith and culture are in jeopardy at home and abroad.

The two of us are committed to devoting our lives to carrying forth the vision and advancing the cause to which Chuck gave himself with unstinted vigor. His life stands as a testimony to God’s power to transform culture and make a difference...