Knights of Columbus Helping Gather Signatures in Washington



Members of the Knights of Columbus at St. Joseph's Catholic Church are gathering signatures for Referendum 74 to try and repeal the same sex marriage law.

Governor Chris Gregoire signed the same sex marriage bill into law in February, shortly after the signing people against gay marriage started Referendum 74 to give voters the chance to vote on the issue.

Larry Devlin, Knights of Columbus, helped setup tables at St. Joe's to place the petitions, he said it's about protecting families.

"The Knights of Columbus is very family focused and we see this issue being very divisive not only in terms of morality but also socially." Devlin said.

The group has collected more than 2,000 signatures in the last few weeks and they are hoping to help reach the goal of more than 121,000 signatures by the deadline on June 6th.

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