Sen. Grisanti's First Campaign Ad Careful to Avoid Mentioning His Vote on SSM


The campaign to re-elect Sen. Grisanti, financed almost entirely by the money he raised from out-of-state pro-SSM interests, mentions everything except his vote to redefine marriage and betray his constituents. New York's Capital Tonight points out the hypocrisy:

Sen. Mark Grisanti is putting his large campaign war chest to good work, releasing a 30-second TV ad today that gives the Buffalo Republican credit for the tax code overhaul, last year’s ethics law and the long sought UB2020 legislation.

Conspicuously absent from the ad: Grisanti’s yes vote for same-sex marriage.

Grisanti was one of four Republican yes votes for same-sex marriage, a move that cost him support from the Erie County Conservative Party. Grisanti, who won a narrow victory against Sen. Antoine Thompson that ultimately help the GOP gain control of he chamber, represents a Democratic-heavy district.

Like the other GOP lawmakers who voted for the law (Sens. Roy McDonald, Stephen Saland and Jim Alesi) Grisanti is flush with cash from LGBT advocates and other gay marriage supporters who backed the bill.