UK Minister: Gay Marriage Cost Tories at Local Election


Once again, undermining marriage carries with it consequences for politicians who give in to elite sentiment, ignoring the people!

The UK Christian Institute:

A Conservative government minister has said that his party’s poor performance at the local elections is partly down to its bid to redefine marriage.

Gerald Howarth, a defence minister, made the comments after his party lost hundreds of seats, including some in the Prime Minister’s own constituency.

Mr Howarth told the BBC: “There are issues, for example, like the proposal for gay marriage.

... With results still coming in, the Conservatives have lost control of 11 councils and nearly 300 seats.

Among those areas taken by Labour were Witney Central, Witney East and Chipping Norton – which are all in David Cameron’s South Oxfordshire constituency.

Earlier this week a poll found voters in Witney are being alienated by Mr Cameron’s support for redefining marriage.

Two thirds of his constituents want to keep marriage as it is – between one man and one woman – the survey showed.