Video: Brian Brown Talks About North Carolina and VP Biden's Comments On PBS NewsHour


Our President Brian Brown debates gay activist Richard Socarides on the evening before today's North Carolina Marriage Amendment. He also discusses VP Biden's recent comments on same-sex couples:

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Brian Brown on North Carolina:

We have heard a lot of the talk that Richard just said that somehow the people have changed on this issue. The New York Times recently went so far as to say they think there's going to be a big upset in North Carolina, with the people rejecting an amendment to protect marriage. The polls show that that simply is not the case. I'm expecting a big win [today]. And I wonder how folks are going to attempt to spin that who somehow think that 30 of 30 doesn't equal a [...] a very, very strong consensus of the American people that marriage is by definition the union of one man and one woman.

Brian Brown on the Vice President's comments:

"...President Obama continues to say that he believes marriage is the union of a man and a woman. And, clearly, that's because of the political reality that strong numbers of Democrats oppose redefining marriage. In North Carolina, the number is somewhere around 48 percent that are going to vote for the marriage protection amendment. [...] So it's very bad politically for the administration or for the Democratic Party to endorse redefining marriage."