Video: NC Marriage Amendment Could Deal a "Huge Blow" to SSM


MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts speaks with Jeremy Kennedy, Coalition to Protect North Carolina’s Families, and Dr. Mark Harris, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church and member of the Executive Committee of Vote for Marriage North Carolina, about the vote on that state’s marriage amendment and its implications for the national fight for marriage.

Kennedy is still holding out hope for an upset victory: "I think that tonight after the polls close that we still have an opportunity for what many would consider a great upset."

Dr. Harris makes his case in this manner:

"...we've seen activist judges who have cast statutes aside very swiftly. We've also seen where those decisions were made either by those judges or by the legislatures. The Constitutional amendment keeps this issue in the hands of the people. That, to me, is the most important aspect of this whole thing. The citizens of North Carolina are going to the polls today because they're getting an opportunity to vote on a simple statement that says that marriage between a man and a woman will be the only recognized domestic union in this state. It's really that simple. And we're having an opportunity today to let the people decide -- democracy at its best."