HRC Denies Wrongdoing in IRS Leak, But Offers No Proof

The spokesperson for HRC in this story continues to try to misdirect away from the main question: did HRC illegally receive and disseminate private, federally protected tax information?
A spokesman for the gay rights group Human Rights Campaign didn't respond to the question of whether or not authorities had contacted the group after reports that Sen. Orrin Hatch had called for an IRS investigation into the leaked National Organization for Marriage tax documents that HRC obtained earlier this spring.

"NOM's charges of illegal conduct by HRC are absolutely false," HRC's vice president of communications Fred Sainz told BuzzFeed. "Last month, HRC lawfully obtained and disseminated truthful information about NOM's racial-wedge strategy and secret donors. Noticeably absent from NOM's allegations is any awareness of First Amendment freedoms. Embarrassed that its true agenda is out in the open, NOM has launched a crusade to intimidate and suppress those who are revealing its anti-LGBT mission. HRC has no intention of helping NOM to suppress the truth."

... The Daily Caller reported today that Utah senator Orrin Hatch wrote a letter to the IRS commissioner asking for an investigation into the documents leak:

"Evidence suggests that the IRS may have been the source of the unauthorized disclosure of donor information," Hatch wrote in the letter, calling the leak "a matter that I take with the utmost seriousness, and I expect that you will treat this inquiry with the attention that it deserves.”

HRC distributed the documents, but it's not clear how they obtained them. -- BuzzFeed

This is a non-response. How did HRC get the private tax returns?  Only they know.  Given that they scrubbed their website of any mention of these returns once our lawyers contacted them, we think they know they did something wrong.
How wrong? We can only tell if and when they come clean about how they got this private, protected tax return.