Bob Marshall For Senate: Does Tim Kaine Agree with Obama on SSM?


The aftershocks of Obama's flip flop on marriage are already hitting swing state Senate races:

Delegate Bob Marshall demanded today (Wednesday) that ex-Gov. Tim Kaine, the Democrats’ presumptive U.S. Senate candidate, tell the public his views about President Obama’s support of gay marriage.

“Tim Kaine needs to make clear to Virginia’s voters whether he agrees or disagrees with the president,” Marshall, Republican candidate for the Senate and author of the 2006 Marriage Amendment to Virginia’s constitution, said.

...Marshall authored the Marriage Amendment to Virginia’s constitution, which voters approved in a referendum, 57% to 43%, in the Nov. 7, 2006, general election. It provides that only a union between one man and one woman is valid and recognized as a marriage in Virginia. Kaine, as governor, vehemently opposed Marshall’s proposal when it was before the Virginia General Assembly and then during the 2006 election campaign. Voters made it part of Virginia’s constitution though opponents outspent proponents nearly 5 to 1 campaigning against it. -- Bob Marshall for U.S. Senate