One More Down! Sen. Alesi Drops Re-Election Bid!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Last night State Senator James Alesi dropped his bid for reelection, becoming the first New York Republican to lose his seat over last year's vote for same-sex marriage.

One Down! Three to Go!
Click here to help send the other three Republican turncoat senators packing!

Less than a year ago, Senator Alesi was the Human Rights Campaign poster child, the first of four Republican senators in New York to publicly support same-sex marriage. He boasted at the time that he would prove Republicans could support same-sex marriage without consequence. He accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from gay marriage advocates, only to learn that no amount of money can buy the support of voters once you have lost their trust.

As Alesi told the New York Daily News last night:

"I've gotten a lot of support from Democrats and the gay community, but unfortunately they can't vote in a Republican primary."

And the Daily News headline this morning summed it up nicely: "State Sen. Jim Alesi: Gay Marriage Vote Sunk Me."

This is YOUR victory! Last year, we pledged together that their votes for same-sex marriage would cost the four Republican senators their seats in Albany. Today we celebrate victory in the first of these four races!

More broadly, two of the seven senators who flip-flopped on marriage have now lost their seats, as Alesi joins disgraced Democratic Senator Carl Kruger, who was replaced in a special election earlier this spring.

NOM pledged $2 million to retake New York and Let the People Vote on marriage. And already, with the primary election still months away, two of the seven pro-SSM turncoats are headed to retirement.

We are headed for victory, but our work isn't finished!
It's time for Senator Grisanti, Senator McDonald, and Senator Saland to join them!
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with a generous gift of $50, $100, or even $500 or more today!

Today is a tremendous day. With your support we can send a powerful message not only to Albany, but to state legislators all across the nation. When you promise to protect marriage, we expect you to keep your word. Please make the most generous gift that you can today!

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