Brian Brown in USNews & World Report: "State by State, Americans Don't Want Gay Marriage"


Our President Brian Brown in US News & World Report's Debate Club:

President Obama's embrace of gay marriage will help ensure he becomes a one-term president. Despite what many in the media claim, the American people do not support same-sex marriage. Every time they have voted on marriage—32 states overall—they have voted to preserve traditional marriage.

Just this week, North Carolina became the 31st state in the country to adopt a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. They did so with 61 percent of the vote, despite the claim of gay advocates and liberal bloggers that the state was poised to deliver a big upset. An overwhelming majority said they wanted to prevent activist judges and politicians like President Obama from redefining marriage. Our victory was so impressive that the prominent Democratic Public Policy Polling company said this: "Hate to say it, but I don't believe polls showing majority support for gay marriage nationally. Any time there's a vote it doesn't back it up."

...President Obama is about to feel the wrath of an engaged nation. God is the author of marriage; government merely recognizes what God created. The vast majority of voters in this country (62 percent, according to a national survey for the Alliance Defense Fund) believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Their belief is heavily rooted in their faith traditions. In 2008, candidate Obama acknowledged that, as a Christian, "God's in the mix" when it comes to marriage. With his announcement this week, he has kicked people of faith in the gut and suggested they should abandon what God has told them and what every civilization since the dawn of mankind has known is best for society.

Truth doesn't "evolve" for the sake of political expediency. But presidents do come and go—and this one is about to go.