NOM BLOG Obama's Gay Marriage Flip-Flop Opens Hollywood Coffers


How do the American people feel about Obama pushing Hollywood morality?

President Barack Obama’s star-studded fundraiser tonight with actor George Clooney is expected to bring in $16 million, making it one of the most lucrative political money events ever.

Mr. Obama is scheduled to attend a fund-raiser on Thursday night at the Fryman Canyon home of the actor George Clooney. At last count, organizers said, the event had raised well over $6 million, plus many millions more through an online raffle, record territory. They said they stopped selling $40,000-a-plate tickets last week because there was no room to squeeze in any more tables.

Mr. Obama’s announcement on Wednesday that he now supported same-sex marriageshould assure him a warm reception at the Clooney residence. Organizers had expected the president to face tough questions from an audience that had grown increasingly uncomfortable with his tentativeness on an issue of great importance here. -- Breitbart