Bill Kristol: Defenders of Marriage Must Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Their Peace


Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, on the choice facing Americans this November:

"...Will victory in November guarantee prevailing over the long run? Aren’t the defenders of the traditional family—or as we would have it, the defenders of the family—destined to be swamped by the modern tidal waves of individual choice and sexual liberation? Possibly. In the civilizational struggle of an earlier generation, Whittaker Chambers thought he was leaving the winning side to join the losing side in the battle against communism. But you never know how history will turn out, as Chambers, once liberated from Marxist determinism, would have reminded us.

All one can ask is the chance to make one’s case. All the American people can ask is the chance to decide, rather than having an answer imposed on them by social or judicial elites. Thanks to Vice President Joe Biden, who spurred President Obama to stop “evolving” and to come forward and state his views like a man, there will be a clear choice this November between the candidates and the parties on the issue of marriage. Defenders of traditional marriage need to speak now, or forever hold their peace."