Holloway on The President's Still Contorted Position on Same-Sex Marriage


Over at Public Discourse, Carson Holloway examines some of the tensions and contradictions that remain in President Obama's flip-flop on same-sex marriage:

The president has recently received a good deal of credit from liberal commentators for having come out clearly in support of same-sex marriage. Having once opposed it, and having more recently said that his position was evolving, he has now said that he is in favor of it. The credit he is getting for this supposedly brave stand is undeserved, however, because the president's position is still, on a close examination, very muddled. It is sufficiently inconsistent to lead one to suspect that it arises from a deep confusion or, alternatively, an equally deep cynicism about the principles at stake.

These contradictions are readily apparent to anyone who takes the time to read the full transcript of the president's interview with ABC's Robin Roberts, in which he made national news by announcing his new position and discussed the reasons for it at length.