WARNING – “NOM World” Impersonating NOM on Facebook/Twitter


Last week, a new group calling themselves “NOM World” began impersonating NOM on Twitter (be4marriage) and Facebook. They have mimicked the NOM logo (except with black and blue rings), have begun using the NOM twitter hashtag (#no4m) and claim: “We are working to get NOM’s message out to the world!”

Please understand that this group is not related to NOM, and is only attempting to confuse and mislead NOM’s followers and potential followers on Facebook and Twitter. They are openly in favor of same-sex marriage and accuse NOM of being a hate group.

It has come to our attention that NOM World has been sending misleading Twitter invitations to NOM followers. If you are contacted by this group, simply click the “Report for spam” button on the side of the page at Twitter or Facebook.

The fake “NOM World” logo is below. And if you have received spam communications from this group, or if you have doubts about the authenticity of any NOM communications, please leave a comment on this post.

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