Pat Buchanan to GOP: Marriage is a "Clear-Cut Winning Issue for Republicans"


The Daily Caller:

On Laura Ingraham’s radio show Monday, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan, a former MSNBC contributor and author of “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” echoed the sentiment he voiced on last weekend’s “The McLaughlin Group,” about President Barack Obama’s newfound gay-marriage position. But this time he voiced his disappointment that the Republican Party isn’t using it more to its advantage.

According to Buchanan, it would be in presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s best interest to run on the issue, framing it in terms of whom he would appoint to the Supreme Court to ensure the preservation of conservative principles.

“I think this is a clear-cut winning issue for Republicans and conservatives if they will deal with it with clarity and precision and conviction,” Buchanan said. “And what is missing I think among a lot of these Republicans is, ‘Oh yeah, I’m for traditional marriage. Let’s move on to the economy.’ And I think you got to get those folks out of the way and fight this battle on that.”

“And if I were advising Gov. Romney, I would certainly have him make a strong declarative clear-cut statement of his view as to whom he will appoint to the Supreme Court because they’re going to decide this. … The states have already decide by referendum and neither party has got the votes to impose a constitutional amendment. And neither party has got the ability to impose something on the entire country except for the Supreme Court as it did with abortion."