Rep. Ben Quayle, Son of VP Quayle, Reaffirms Support for Marriage


Congressman Ben Quayle, son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, reaffirms his support for marriage in light of Obama's flip flop on the issue:

Congressman Ben Quayle, Republican candidate for Arizona's newly drawn 6th District, today re-stated his opposition to same-sex marriage. He also said that President Barack Obama's announcement this week that he now supports same-sex marriage was "one of the most cynical and manipulative political stunts ever pulled by an American president."

"The president is wrong about the issue; marriage should remain as it has always been - between one man and one woman," said Quayle. "But his conduct has been cynical and manipulative because of the obvious calculation and political maneuvering he has demonstrated on a matter of great importance in our nation. The president is a world-class propagandist, and in this case he propagandizes even his own supporters."