UK Blogger Under Investigation for Posting Ad in Support of Marriage


The UK Christian Concern:

A Christian blog writer, who goes by the pseudonym “Archbishop Cranmer”, is under investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for posting an advert on behalf of the Coalition for Marriage.

The Coalition for Marriage is campaigning to preserve the current legal definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. Christian Concern is a leading member of the Coalition.

The investigation was launched after anonymous complaints were received against the blog for featuring the online advert which urged members of the public to sign the Coalition for Marriage petition.

The complainants, including the Jewish Gay & Lesbian Group, have described the advert as “offensive” and “homophobic”. The anonymous writer has now been given until 21 May to respond to the allegations.

The writer behind the blog, which was ranked as the 24th most influential blog in the UK, commented:

"This is nothing short of censorship. Nothing in the advert is factually incorrect or offensive. It is an advert to campaign to simply keep the law as it is. It is outrageous to suggest it is homophobic and the fact that the ASA are even considering such an allegation is ludicrous and displays evidence of a lack of even basic research by them before making the demand of Cranmer that they have done."