Audio: NOM's Peters Calls Out Dan Savage on Seattle Radio, Looks Forward To NOM Debate


NOM's Thomas Peters went on KOMO Seattle radio recently to talk about Brian Brown's challenge to Dan Savage to have a civil debate about marriage:

Interviewer: "I think Dan Savage is very passionate about his defense of gay marriage and I think he's become very tired of the arguments used against it. And I think that's in part what we were witnessing when he was addressing that high school auditorium on the issue of journalism."

Peters: "Well if he's tired of the arguments he should spend time refuting them and not attacking the people who make them, and I watched most of that video and I didn't recognize any of the arguments I've seen used at the National Organization for Marriage ... in my experience gay marriage activists are very selective about which arguments they think traditional marriage proponents are actually using. The arguments we use are from reason, common sense, our legal tradition and also the social sciences in terms of how children flourish and what the public purpose of marriage is. That's nothing about what Dan went after in his speech on journalism."